Lusca – Broken Colossus

If there is one thing that technology made easier was the recording process. You need only a computer, some programs, some instruments – you really do not need all of them – a lots of guts and creativity. With a few bucks it is possible to record an album sometimes with a better sound quality than the ones that were recorded few years ago. Better yet, one do not really need to be a computer whiz. Just a few skills and many weird ideas in the head.

Lusca are a very good example of those new times. A two-men project plus a drum machine are the spinal tap of “Broken Colossus,” an uncanny piece of, hum, industrial metal. I gasped because it is really hard to label Lusca, a band that does not fit in many of the labels we are used to, and much more than we can keep up with. I confess I cannot keep up with all the weird experiences people are doing these days. In one hand it is very healthy, that is the spirit; but, in the other hand, we cannot keep up.

As all experimental efforts, at first you fell uncomfortable with Lusca sonance. You can barely hear the guitar, but there is a thick distorted bass to lead the way giving the needed heavyness to songs. There is a thing to mention about the drum machine: it sounds pretty awesome. It is not possible to distinguish from the real deal. It sounds clear and clean doing an amazing job. Being completely honest, there are some fillings I guess some real drummers would sweat a little to accomplish. I really mean it.

If you are tired of predictable songs and ordinary bands, Lusca are your thing.  “Broken Colossus” is an album to listen in a dark rainy day. Only an advice, do not go for it with much intense, hold your horses. It is too intense, too dark to say.

Lusca “Broken Colossus” will get out from the dark on April 26th via Musical Tragedies.

Track Listing:

  1. Broken Colossus
  2. The Promise of Sleep
  3. Between Storm and Salt
  4. Light Vessel Automaton
  5. Procession of Bleeding Hands
  6. Kraton
  7. Apeiron