Lyria Launch Live Video Of Unreleased Music

The end of 2019 was a delight for Lyria fans: the online broadcast of the special Christmas show. Recorded at the Brazilian band’s home studio, the performance featured songs from the albums 2018’s “Immersion” and 2014’s “Catharsis,”  including “The Phoenix Rebirth,” one of the debut album tracks, and “Let Me Be Me,” from the second album. Live videos are a taste of the online concert experience, which features band-fan interaction throughout the broadcast.

“We wanted to bring a good message for the year 2020. So we chose one song from each album to illustrate this. ‘The Phoenix Rebirth’ is about the phoenix revival, which suffered so much but managed to rise and become even more powerful, and ‘Let Me Be Me’ that talks about bullying and being yourself. Nothing better than starting a year overcoming your problems and knowing your inner strength.”, mentalize Aline Happ, lead singer and songwriter from Lyria.

One of the most respected symphonic metal bands in the country, Lyria had a very productive 2019 year! The Immersion Tour went to several Brazilian cities in 2019. The band released the music video for “The Rain,” the latest, with over 180,000 views as well as the opportunity to meet fans from around the world through daily online contact. It is with so many achievements that the band arrives in the year 2020 full of plans for tours and releases of clips, and start production of the new album.

Created in 2012 by Aline Happ, Brazilian metal band is one of the best known in the country, with 94,000 likes on Facebook. The second album, “Immersion,” was released thanks to crowdfunding, raising over $ 13,000. Extraordinary feats for a brazilian metal band.

In addition to Aline, Lyria are Rod Wolf (guitar), Thiago Zig (bass) and Thiago Mateu (drums). With striking choruses, well-crafted arrangements and overcoming themes, Lyria brings together fans from all corners of the globe, especially in Europe, the United States and Brazil.

Watch “The Phoenix Rebirth” here:

Watch “Let Me Be Me” here: