MACHINE GUN KELLY Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Not Nominated In GRAMMYs Rock Category

Machine Gun Kelly Press Photo

Machine Gun Kelly‘s recent album Tickets to My Downfall received zero nominations for the upcoming 64th Annual Grammy Awards, which were revealed this week to include nominations for AC/DCDEFTONES and FOO FIGHTERS in the rock categories.

Other nominated rockers include Chris Cornell, MAMMOT WVHMASTODONWEEZER and Rob ZombieTickets to My Downfall (released on Sept. 25, 2020) emerged within the eligibility period (Sept. 1, 2020–Sept. 30, 2021) for the 2022 Grammys, as Complex reports.

After plenty MGK fans expressed their disappointment on social media, 31-year-old musician took to Twitter to simply write:

On November 21st, Machine Gun Kelly won Favourite Rock Artist at the American Music Awards 2021.

On receiving the award, he declared that the age of the rock star “looks pretty alive to me,” while ever-so-humbly making gestures to infer that it was in fact he who was responsible for making sure the rock star age hadn’t kicked the bucket once and for all.

Machine Gun Kelly dedicated the award to “all the aspiring musicians — the one who wants to play an instrument, wants to rap, wants to sing. Not just the rock artists, but all the artists who are rock stars.