MACUMBAZILLA: Mercilessly And Unceremoniously Kicking Ass In The Music Video For ‘The Ritual’


A little bit over three years after its release, the music video for the song “The Ritual”, from the band MACUMBAZILLA, keeps on reverberating throughout the world with great quality, dexterity and aggressiveness, all key characteristics of the band’s musicality.

The music video for “The Ritual” displays an honest purpose and a visceral approach, going straight to the point. Without any fanciness or delicacy, this video manages to synthesize in both image and sound, the entire essence of what is the band MACUMBAZILLA is all about. Distorted riffs, pounding drums, thick bass and imposing vocals, all mixed together to build the entire harmonic base of a timeless song, and a band that is leaving fans restless in anticipation to consume the new songs that remain unrevealed to the public, and won’t be released in 2018.

With more than 30.000 view on the band’s official YouTube channel, “The Ritual”, does not allow a single label or classification. The musicians are able to transit between many different aspects of heavy music, with their own identity and authentic elements created by the band on the songs that can be found on the group’s first EP. Especially in “The Ritual”, it is impossible set a genre to MACUMBAZILLA, but one thing remains certain! MACUMBAZILLA is a straight beatdown from beginning to end.

Check out “The Ritual” below.

2018 is still full of questions for MACUMBAZILLA. To the band’s fans and new followers, all that is left is the anticipation for any news. What is known is that the group is still together, and this can result on more assault to your eardrums.