MADRE CASSINO Release New Music Video ‘Offroad’

Madre Cassino

When first brought into the world, MADRE CASSINO couldn’t guess how much their work would reverberate throughout Brazil. Much of this acknowledgement came immediately after releasing their first EP, titled “Offroad” (2012)

The record contains five tracks and it was a big success. Showcasing a well-made and creative sound, the EP is an effervescent mixture of Rock, Blues and Hard.

After releasing “Offroad”, the band saw many doors being open and in the meantime they’ve been performing frequently on festivals, pubs, and minor venues, always invited by producers from the inner-estate region of São Paulo.

In 2015 MADRE CASSINO presented to fans their first official music video, thus the track “Offroad” had its video published on the band’s YouTube page. With well-captured images and a plot that captivates the audience, the video is an excellent greeting card for those who still don’t know the band’s body of work. Check it out:


Micali – Vocals
Robles – Guitars
Jhe Bouvie – Bass
Roko Souza – Drums