Magick Touch – Heads Have Got to RocknRoll

Yeah, got a great batch of Hard Rock bands this month and yet most of them pretty different from each other almost covering and the facets the subgenre has. Okay, there is a great prejudice against it, but I really don’t care. I love the energy they pass and the great octane they give me. It kind of boosts me out. There in the veins. Good vibes, my child of the night, good vibes.

Magick Touch with “Heads Have Got to RocknRoll” have good vibes and great energy. The band is a powerhouse of fantastic music and good musicians. It’s really difficult to pull only one out as the band band is so consistent.  Magick Touch wander around the styles that made Hard Rock famous. There is a little of Led Zeppelin, a little of Kiss, a little of  Twisted Sisters, a little of Alice Cooper and others. If I were talking about any other musical style, I would be going south by saying this, however as we’re talking about Metal Rock, things got a little bit different. A band builds up its personality by doing this. It’s kind of paradoxal, I know, but it’s how it is. Many bands did this way and got plenty of success.

Opening track “(This isn’t) Your First Rodeo” kicks it off showing the great energy the album has. The cadence and riffing the band chose helped a lot too. There is in music a name for it, but I can’t remember exactly right now. In fact, the song uses mostly the most powerful chords, I mean, the tones. The effect is this powerhouse. Following track “Watchman’s Requiem” cools down a little, but not too much. Taken aside, the fan may think it is a NWOBHM album. There are other great moments in “Heads Have Got to RocknRoll” as the solo sequence in the last, but not least, and moody “Doomsday I’m in Love.” The epic sequence of riffings are wonderful. The thing is that Magick Touch have the right attitude. The attitude of not caring or giving a rat’s ass of what people will think about their music.

What calls the eye and spark the attention of the fan is the variety of moods and cadences the band opted. It’s like a dance from all styles Metal and Hard Rock produced. This variety makes the album pretty tasteful, if you ask me. The fan knows that I never ever fool around with the name of the bands, but Magick Touch do have it, if you know what I mean. Ah, now that I mentioned the taste for ‘sweet’ song titles is also a highlight as “Love is a Heart Disease” and “Bad Decisions” – who’s never? – show. By the way, interesting cover.

Magick Touch “Heads Have Got to RocknRoll” will be released on June 26th via Edged Circle Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. (This isn’t) Your First Rodeo
  2. Watchman’s Requiem
  3. To the Limit
  4. Love is a Heart Disease
  5. Ready for the Quake
  6. Bad Decisions
  7. Phantom Friend
  8. Waiting for the Parasites
  9. Daggers Dance
  10. Doomsday I’m in Love

Watch “Bad Decisions” official video here: