Magoth – Anti Terrestial Black Metal

I’ve never expected from a black metal band to have singalong choruses. That catchy kind that makes you even hum. Yeah, the world goes round and round, and I’ve found myself in front of a band like this: Magoth. Songs in “Anti Terrestial Black Metal” are very well built varying sometimes those more common structures to some unusual ones. And lots of dissonances, which is a staple of today’s black metal bands. No one has ever been able to explain why debut albums are always so nice and full of energy. So rare to find a debut band that hasn’t kicked ass in their debut albums. Magoth with “Anti Terrestial Black Metal” do pretty much the same adding some sort of art into the twisted world of black metal.

“Anti Terrestial Black Metal” is a pretty linear album with a few ups and dows. It was the impression I got after listening it for a few times. Songs have almost the same cadence and speed which in my understanding isn ‘t really a problem. Bands have the right to write whatever material material they want. Sometimes it’s just the vibe of the time when they recorded the piece. However, most will miss some variation or plot twists so common these days in extreme metal scene. Except of “Cleansing of the Ancient Spirits” which has a fingered slow intro, but suddenly changes changes into a midtempo punch, other songs don’t vary so much. Guitar work is complex, though, with the use of a lot of dissonances and doubling phrases. But, maybe, the use of this specific technique made songs so linear.

The most amazing thing in “Anti Terrestial Black Metal” is how vocals modulates melodic lines in order to give them a more melodic proposal. Vocals are not only hounded, they are actually sang, or some sort of. This is what makes this album so singalong. “Indoctrination War” gives a pretty nice view of it. Call the eyes as well the unstopable double bass technique used by drummer. Guitar riffing is very creative as well, specially the chordly ones. Thus, the most remarkable feature which gives songs that necessary heavyness and punch. For all those, and others, I must say it’s a very promising album from a very promising band.

Magoth “Anti Terrestial Black Metal” was released on June 30th, 2017 independently.

Track Listing:

  1. Cleansing of the Ancient Spirits
  2. Indoctrination War
  3. Der Toten Gesang
  4. Mental Fortress
  5. Thorns
  6. Sola
  7. Sheol
  8. Requiem Deus
  9. Cosmic Termination

Watch “Cleansing of the Ancient Spirits” official video here: