MAGOTH Release ‘Entering The Cavern Of Grief’ Lyric Video

Magoth Band

German Black Metal outfit MAGOTH have released a new lyric video for the track “Entering The Cavern Of Grief” from their new full-length album, Invictus.

Entering The Cavern Of Grief and all nine tracks on Invictus were composed by vocalist/guitarist Heergott and he describes them as a deep “drag into the deepest abysses of depression, anxiety and treachery.”

1. The Reckoning
2. Entering The Cavern Of Grief
3. Possessed By Anxiety
4. Ikaros
5. Cain
6. Ascension
7. The False King
8. Invictus
9. Resurrection Of A Deceived God

The album can be pre-ordered with exclusive bundles at Bandcamp.

Magoth Invictus