MAGOTH’S Debut Album “Anti Terrestrial Black Metal” Reaches Metal Addicts

Formed in 2011, MAGOTH existed for the moment as a side project of guitar player and singer “Heergott.” The Intention to create a band project which differs from common bands particularly in the common complex of themes gave rise to six songs which were recorded in a studio but not published back then.

With the joining of the guitar player and background singer “Shagnar” in 2013 concrete plans of a release of the songs as a demo player under the title of “Der Toten Gesang” were made.

Rehearsals with the drummer “Widrir” in 2015 unveiled the true potential of the sound which brute and raw riffing gets frequently crossed by doom and atmospheric passages.

In cooperation with Liquid Aether Audio the demo player was arranged and released on 4th april 2016.

Due to the confirmation of several shows the bass player’s position was firstly filled by a guest musician but a short time later assumed by ”Havoc“.

On 30th june 2017 MAGOTH released their first full length player under the title “Anti Terrestrial Black Metal.”

MAGOTH not only play their songs obsessively, but they celebrate them like sworn rituals.
Highly intense, ultra-emotional, catchy melodic, spiritually devoted, abysmally dark art at it’s very best!
Captivating music of fascinating, ruthless beauty, like a intoxicating roaring winter blizzard.

Behold, “Anti Terrestrial Black Metal” sucessor is coming soon!


Heergott – main vocals / rhythm guitar

Shagnar – lead guitar / backing vocals

Widrir – percussion

Havoc – bass

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