Malkuth – Voodoo

It’s amazing how bands are working hard to stand out by searching for an identity. Very similar to the work of a craftsman who takes care of the very small detail in order to have the best outcome. The search for the best and most appropriate notes; the best pace for each track; the most pleasant – or disturbing – tone for intrumentals; the perfect voice range; finally, the best sonance. This road is full of bumps, we all know that. Headbangers are such a demanding breed. The smallest mistake and your career falls down as a card castle. And when it comes to black metal things are even more difficult. Loyal, but yet more demanding than the average Metal fan. A band must act carefully.

Malkuth with “Voodoo” arise all those thoughts and reflexions because they bounce into the dark arts of ancient raw black metal to the complex modern songwriting which requires something else from bands. But don’t go thinking Malkuth let behind the insane speed and atrocious riffing. No, not in a moment. They made a big effort of bringing some complexity to their sonance. Hence there come keyboards, acoustic guitars, and even djembes and percussion in “Rite of Fullmoon Over the Sepultures,” an amazing introduction to Malkuth’s sonic butchery. The ones who are not initiated may get frightened when the slaughter comes. And know what? It works perfectly fine creating a malevolus atmosphere. Perfect introduction to the following “Shoot to Kill (Je$u$),” a deliciously heretic old school track with a strong social criticism. Pay close attention to guitar riffing.

Truth is, one may not agree with Malkuth’s heretic lyrical content, but their music makes any Metal fan go breaknecking. I have no doubt about that. More yet when listening to the “Old Blade,” another speed-of-light pace with old school stop-and-go. Or to “Anticristum (Bellicus),” a black metal hymn with its “catchy” chorus. Just in time, pay attention the devilish atmosphere and riffing of “Dead (Cold… As the Graveyard).”

Malkuth “Voodoo” was released via Obskure Chaos Distro.

Track Listing:

  1. Rite of Fullmoon Over the Sepultures
  2. Shoot to Kill (Je$u$)
  3. Old Blade
  4. Anticristum (Bellicus)
  5. Dead (Cold… As the Graveyard)
  6. Voodoo (Demoni Invocationi)
  7. Dense Forest, Nocturnal Paths
  8. Place of Pain, Desolation, Sadness and War
  9. Shadows

Watch “Anticristum (Bellicus)” official lyric video here:

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