Man-cave for metal music lovers

Should really man-cave of the metal lover be associated with the mess and tasteless design? We say no to these stereotypes and in this article, we will try to variate and enrich possible approaches to the interior design of these spaces.

Find your style and your color palette

Which design approaches do you prefer? What kind of ambiance do you see here?  It can be an industrial solution, a country, or just a masculine space. Choose your favorite colors and shades, or just make a manly dark room. Many men and boys prefer bold colors: red, neon. This choice cheers you up.

Metal Design


Brutalism now has become quite popular and is used in many cases, and man-cave is one of the best choices for this style. Because its brilliance is emphasized by an ascetic approach that doesn’t contain complex details. Concrete walls with their authentic texture in combination with the absence of the decor details are the main representation of the style. When it comes to colors ascetic approach is preserved- don’t use bright colors, stay in gradient between black and white shades. But if it is too restrained for you-try to add saturated brown or pale orange colors.

This style strives for modern and durable aspects, design should emphasize essential objects of the construction – concrete, glass, and metal. Brutalism has its name for a reason- brutal as heavy metal music it will be the best choice.

Pay more attention to the ceiling, because it is the most important accent in brutalism ambiance. Crossbars that are made of wood or plasterboard will be the best decor for the ascetic interior. Space and light should feel free in this style, so forget about the curtains.

Furniture pieces are elaborated with the thought of simplicity and elegance of the clean lines. It should be functional, utilitarian and should expose the beauty of the pure shapes. You can place such pieces near the corners only because rooms should be felt as half-empty, the feel of the free space is very important.


This approach to the style is in extreme need of the space, so you should be ready to get rid of the walls.

It’s a subtle mixture of the new technology and factory elements, which include:

  • concrete;
  • brickwork;
  • unplastered walls;
  • ceiling beams;
  • overt communications.

Large windows in the spacious loft apartment should be covered with curtains, let the light get in as much as possible.

Benefits of the design approach:

  • Unusual accessories. Try to make it simple, do not get in the way of posters, road signs, paintings or graffiti. This style can perfectly reflect your love for heavy music and its aesthetic.
  • Strive to create an open space. Forget about walls and partitions, zoning should be done with the help of color blocks and lighting areas.
  • Try to save traces of the industrial parts, you should forget about sophisticated decoration. All should be preserved in the aesthetic close to pure attic ambiance.
  • It’s all about the mixture of the modern and vintage. Combine elements from both creating a special atmosphere of soul and comfort.
  • All furniture pieces are better to be also as utilitarian as possible. They should represent a multifunctional approach in usage, should be comfortable and useful. To find such furniture pieces you can go to Nyfurnitureoutlets.
Metal Design 2

It depends only on your desires

Think about the entertainment that you would like to have here and furniture pieces you might want to have. If you are a fan of video games, you will need a good Tv set, game consoles, and a cozy living room set that contains a sofa, armchair, coffee table and etc. If you are also a sports fan besides heavy metal think about a refrigerator that will have drinks you like. Maybe pool tables or chess and tennis tables? And don’t forget the bar and of course a good acoustic system.

After a hard day at work, you really want to calm down and relax with your favorite drink in your hands. This is the main reason for setting up a man cave – a harsh male cave that still has a unique coziness.

Believe it or not, such rooms can improve your mental health! After all, even after an hour’s rest in your personal “hole”, you will feel much more relaxed and satisfied.

We advise all men to carve out at least a corner from the entire space of the house and turn it into their own, so necessary for a good rest in body and soul.

Many people think that the man cave has deck chairs, dumbbells, and beer all over the place. But this is not the case. A modern men’s room can even become a logical center and a key accent of the whole house.

For example, a NY Times article stated that cave spaces add value to your property because decorative elements are kept to a minimum.

Consider the idea of creating a full-fledged game room, basement bar, home theater, or music room where you can loudly play instruments. These details can make a man truly happy.

If you really want to have a man cave in your mansion, but you can’t find a place for it, then be creative. Start looking outside your home, such as a garage. It can be turned into more than just a storage area for your vehicle and tools. Use the services of special firms that are engaged in the restoration of garage premises.