Man Wearing PANTERA Shirt Beats Wallet Thief To Death

A Louisiana man was jailed on August 10th after chasing and beating to death a man who stole his wallet. He apparently did so while wearing a PANTERA t-shirt (this seems to be the t-shirt).

31-year-old Simon Morris had his wallet stolen Friday morning outside of a New Orleans gasoline station when a man asked him for a dollar, but snatched his wallet instead, The New Orleans Advocate reports. Morris allegedly chased the thief across the street and “beat him to death with his fists and feet,” said local police.

The Advocate provided this account of the beating:

Morris caught up with [the thief] in the rear driveway of Hi Class Customs, an upholstery and window tinting shop at 4201 S. Claiborne. Morris wrested his wallet back and then began beating on Edwin with his fists, police said.

At least two people saw Morris and tried to restrain him. But he kept punching and then started kicking Edwin, who “was begging Morris to stop and was attempting to cover his face and body,” police said.

Morris battered Edwin’s head and body “for a duration of five minutes or more,” police said. He didn’t stop until one of the witnesses managed to pull him off, police said. The witness said he feared Morris would try to beat him up as well, according to police.

Morris was eventually detained and now faces charges of manslaughter for killing the man, identified only by his first name, Edwin.

[via Lambgoat]