MANACLE “No Fear to Persevere” will fight back on May 04th via No Remorse Records

No Remorse Records presents a new Heavy / Power / Speed Metal sensation that will dominate 2018! “No Fear to Persevere” is the astonishing debut album of MANACLE from Canada and it is highly recommended for fans of SAVAGE GRACE, AGENT STEEL and early-OMEN. Forged in the underground metal scene of Canada, MANACLE are all about shackles, chains, studs, leather and pure metal worship that will blow your mind. “No Fear to Persevere” was mixed & mastered by Olof Wikstrand (ENFORCER).

Track Listing:
1. Fight For Your Life (4:52)
2. Tears of Wrath (4:22)
3. Journey’s End (6:32)
4. Live Fast, Die Fast (4:04)
5. Witches Hallow (4:43)
6. Stand Tall (4:24)

Kevin Pereira – Vocals
Inti Paredes – Guitars
Shawn Vincent – Bass
Miguel Negron – Drums

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