Manacle – No Fear To Persevere

Ah, I have no words to tell how I love this job. How grateful  and satisfying it is to see that after long forty years Metal is pretty alive and well. It is such a good pleasure to see today’s kids like the guys from Manacle to give their best to recreate the 1980s grand Metal sound. And they did a pretty damn good job. Manacle looked for any minumum details of 1980s power Metal sonance. And they managed to record “No Fear to Persevere” as if it were from the good old times. “No Fear To Persevere” is a masterpiece of sonic detailness. Each riff, each guitar solo, each guitar effect. Everything is the way it should be.

I keep on telling that Metal haters, or the guardians of the so-called good taste, will never understand the soul of Metal. We simply do not care for you.  The soul of a musical movement that still is in the hearts of kids that were not even born when the bands they love were at their top. The guitar work in “Witches Hallow” brought tears to my eyes of how detailed it is. “Fight for Your Life” is also an easy anthemic song. The chorus in “Stand Tall” is also remarkable, it reminds pretty much what Accept used to do in the good old days. It could have been recorded for any Metal tytan. It is clear that Manacle play for Metal fans wherever they are, whoever they are. I have no words.

That is the spirit, guys. “No Fear to Persevere” is not only the album title, it is also a motto. Something to live under. We, after all, resist. We, after all, still listen to what we like, to what we care. Our spirits fly free. Long live Manacle! I am anxiously looking forward the next effort.

Manacle “No Fear to Persevere” will fight back on May 04th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Fight for Your Life
  2. Tears of Wrath
  3. Journey’s End
  4. Live Fast Die Fast
  5. Witches Hallow
  6. Stand Tall

Watch “Journey’s End” lyric video here: