MANOWAR Reportedly Cancelled Their Hellfest Appearance Over Concerns About Volume And Stage Size


Yesterday, MANOWAR has cancelled its appearance at Hellfest just hours before the band was supposed to take the stage.

Organizers said that “Despite a presence on site on June 20, the teams and members of the group decided to leave the site.”

Later on, MANOWAR posted on their social media that “organizers obstructed our efforts to put on the epic show we had promised.”

Now, MetalSucks has come up with some more more details about the circumstances behind the cancellation.

The source noted:

“A source with inside knowledge of events, speaking to MetalSucks on the condition of anonymity, tells us that, as Hellfest said in their initial statement, MANOWAR arrived at the festival grounds on June 20 — the night before they were scheduled to perform. They wanted to do a soundcheck at that time, but were unable to do so because Slipknot’s Knotfest kicked off the weekend festivities with Thursday’s Knotfest Meets Hellfest. When they did get to soundcheck the following morning, they were reportedly unhappy with the sound; specifically, they’re said to have been displeased that the festival wouldn’t allow them to play at a volume that was to their liking due to local regulations (i.e., there are laws on the books that literally would not allow the festival’s performers to play any louder).

“On top of that, according to our source, MANOWAR were displeased with the size of the stage on which they were to play, despite the fact that it was the main stage and that it would be the same size for every band that played on it during the festival, including KISS and TOOL.