MANOWAR Says That HELLFEST Promoters Didn’t ‘Honor Their Contractual Obligations’


Last week, MANOWAR has cancelled its appearance at Hellfest just hours before the band was supposed to take the stage.

Organizers said that “Despite a presence on site on June 20, the teams and members of the group decided to leave the site.”

Later on, MANOWAR posted on their social media that “organizers obstructed our efforts to put on the epic show we had promised.”

Now, MANOWAR has released new statement via their social media:

“Regarding Hellfest cancellation

“Our performance at Hellfest scheduled for June 21, 2019 was NOT cancelled by the band; it was cancelled by the Hellfest organizers in their announcement that appeared on their websites.

“In the days prior to Hellfest, Switzerland, Greece, and Bulgaria all witnessed our massive production that brought The Kingdom Of Steel to life. We brought it to Hellfest because we came to play.

“We fought to give our fans the performance we promised last year at Hellfest, but we will not be pushed around by the Hellfest promoters who chose not to honor their contractual obligations and think they can do wrong to us and to our fans.

“Those of you who have requested information regarding ticket refunds should contact the outlet where you purchased your ticket or the Hellfest organizers directly, as they are responsible.

“We are currently seeking every legal remedy available to us by law.”