MANOWAR’s JOEY DEMAIO: ‘Our Music Is Akin To A Gourmet Meal’

Joey Demaio

Joey DeMaio, bassist of MANOWAR, recently sat down for an interview with Radio Bob! in Germany. When questioned about upcoming projects, DeMaio confirmed that the band is currently composing new music.

“Right now we’re in the studio. We’re recording,” he said. “There’s great energy. We have an incredible new guitarist who’s very famous. And, yeah, there’s just so much going on right now.”

When asked how long MANOWAR has been writing material for a new album, Joey responded: “Since the COVID thing hit, really. We’ve been off the road for three years and built a brand new recording studio. So now we have two studios. And for anybody interested, you can check out — [‘NY’ stands] for ‘New York’ — so you can see one of the studios and check it out.

“Yeah, we’ve been writing and working all along. But now there’s a new drummer and a new guitarist in the band, and so the dynamic and the energy is different.”

When asked about a possible release date for the next MANOWAR album, DeMaio sighed and said: “That’s the question every record company in my career has asked me. I’ve been with about 50 record companies, and they don’t like the answer any more than anybody else does. When it’s done, it’s done.

“It’s like if you’re a cook, if you spend any time in the kitchen. The dinner is done when the dinner is done. It takes time to cook good food. Oh, yeah, if you just wanna put a hamburger on the grill, that’s okay. But if you’re gonna make a gourmet meal — and we believe our music is akin to a gourmet meal — that takes love and care.”