MARDUK Reveal That Ex-Bassist JOEL LINDHOLM Was Secretly Drinking Before He Was Fired For Allegedly Doing A Nazi Salute Onstage

Marduk Nazi Salute

MARDUK have declared that Simon Wizén of VALKYRJA will be temporarily assuming bass duties in the wake of Joel Lindholm‘s dismissal.

Wizén will be taking the stage at the upcoming “Throne Fest” in Kuurne, Belgium, while former MARDUK bassist Magnus “Devo” Andersson is anticipated to handle other gigs.

Last week, a video surfaced online of Lindholm giving a Nazi salute while playing with the band at a show on May 13th. Taking into account the group’s already contentious past with allegations of connections to white supremacism, the Swedish black metal band were swift to fire Lindholm, at the time giving the reason of his “intolerable stage antics” during that performance. In a subsequent declaration, the band additionally attributed Lindholm‘s apparent drinking as another factor for his termination.

In a newly released statement, band wrote: “Slight change of plans: Simon Wizén (VALKYRJA) is handling bass for us at Thronefest this coming weekend. Devo will likely play the remaining festival shows, except for Brutal Assault.

“The recent developments have sparked mixed opinions, which is fair enough. Nevertheless, it bears mentioning that Joel‘s escapades in London were the culmination of a string of questionable behaviour.

“Despite repeated promises to respect the alcohol ban he received shortly after joining the band, Joel made multiple attempts to circumvent this by drinking covertly. Famously, Incineration Fest being the most recent example.

“We were unaware of his various provocations between songs – as well as the concluding striptease – until that video surfaced the morning of Steelfest. Watching the first ten minutes was quite enough for everyone involved to conclude that Joel’s time with MARDUK had come to an end.”