MARGOT ROBBIE Stood Up For SLIPKNOT And Heavy Metal At The Graham Norton Show (Video)

Slipknot Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, who is already admired by many for her success in Hollywood, has just proven why she’s even more lovable. On The Graham Norton Show this week, the A-list star reaffirmed her adoration of metal music.

When asked by host Norton if she was a goth in her teens, Robbie responded: “I don’t know if I was a full goth. Very emo though, and I listened to, like, only heavy metal music.

“I would dye my hair black and only cut it with a razor blade….so yeah, kinda goth.”

Despite feeling a little sheepish of her teenage years, Robbie unabashedly embraces the music she was so passionate about in her youth.

“I still genuinely like it,” she says. “I remember going to a SLIPKNOT concert, and at the time I was on Neighbours. I’ve never had more people come up to me, ever, than at a SLIPKNOT concert.

“It was so unexpected. And they worried about all the characters. They were so invested in Neighbours and SLIPKNOT.”

 “I genuinely like that kind of music,” Robbie added.