MARILYN MANSON Releases New Single ‘We Know Where You F**king Live’

MARILYN MANSON released his new single, “We Know Where You F*cking Live”, was premiered on September 11 via Zane Lowe‘s radio show on Apple Music‘s Beats 1. The song, which can be heard below, is taken from MARILYN MANSON‘s new album, “Heaven Upside Down”, due on October 6. You can hear the new single below.

On the disc, he reunites with producer and film composer Tyler Bates following an epic collaboration on Manson‘s critically acclaimed 2015 release, “The Pale Emperor”.

In July 2016, MARILYN MANSON announced his new album would be called “SAY10” and see a Valentine’s Day 2017 release. However, Valentine’s Day came and went with no new album, new song or even a statement from MANSON, leaving fans completely in the dark. When we asked MANSON about it, he revealed he wasn’t happy with the album when Valentine’s Day came around and subsequently wrote three new songs that ended up being some of the record’s strongest. The stated:

“If the record came out when I intended it to, when I thought it was finished back in February, it would not have ‘Revelation #12,’ ‘Heaven Upside Down’ or ‘Saturnalia.’ Those are three of the most key songs that really tell the story. Those lyrics were all written, but I had not found a home for them. Those three songs take place in the three places where if it were a film, it’s the opening, it’s the middle and it’s the ending. Then there’s the song after ‘Heaven Upside Down,’ it’s sort of the end title credits where it’s really surmising the story of the record, which is to be interpreted by the listener.”

“I wanted to draw people in sonically and lyrically. I’m glad. This record was meant to come out now, for whatever reason. Things had to happen in my life, everything had to happen for a reason for it to come out now.”