MARILYN MANSON’s Ex-Keyboardist On Recent Onstage Injury: ‘I Hope He Suffers’

Marilyn Manson‘s ex-keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy shared the following message regarding the singer’s recent onstage accident in NYC:

“I guess he was close enough for my black magic to work.

“This is why old wasted people shouldn’t fumble around in the dark.

“If he had broken his ankle [onstage like he was saying the night before the accident], he wouldn’t be walking around like this, that is probably just more of his hyperbole.

“I recall the same excuse being used to cancel a Los Angeles show when all it was was a slightly sprained ankle.

“And anyways, if you’re going to climb the scaffolding, shouldn’t you be doing that during ‘My Monkey‘?“Well, if it weren’t for the guns, the truss would have actually hit him pretty hard.

“Well, he is pretty famous for turning his wasted mistakes into serendipitous publicity events.

“The converse is also true: he often turns publicity events into wasted mistakes.

“The guns (I assume) were carved out of foam, which is really typical like Ozzy’s demons. And the truss maybe is aluminum. When you’re shipping things around the country you want them to be as light as possible and need as few crew hands as possible to move and set up.

“I’m only 16 miles away [from the venue]. And as the crow flies (or the voodoo works) it’s even shorter than that…

“I forgive him, but I hope he suffers.”