MARK BRAVI Reveals His ‘Origins’

Marco “Mark” Bravi is the keyboardist, lyricist and producer of swiss progressive metal band Virtual Symmetry, played alongside various artist in the italian metal scene, has composed and arranged soundtracks for indie movies and minigames and cooperates with young emerging international bands/artists.

Born in 1993 in Bergamo, Italy, began playing keyboards on his own at age 4, while listening to 70s-80s rock music and learning the basics of keyboard-playing reproducing famous rock tracks by ear.
Intrigued by choral music and guided by his parents, he entered a choir in 2001 and had his first approach with musical scores, but it wasn’t until age 11 that he started taking private classical piano lessons from his choirmaster and playing new music in various rock cover bands.

In the meantime he got into epic metal and electronic music before discovering Dream Theater in 2006, growing a strong interest in progressive rock/metal, beginning to write his own songs with close friends.

While learning new genres, listening to soundtracks, changing teachers and moving to blues theory, Mark switched to different bands whom he faced all kinds of “complex” genres like fusion, jazz and funk with and left piano studies and choir for school duties.

After leaving school he regained his interest in growing as a keyboardist, teaching himself new techniques and genres, practicing hard to reach his dream and creating a youtube channel to spread his music and hopefully receive tips on how to improve.

In 2014, through some online messages, got in contact with Virtual Symmetry and auditioned for them, becoming their official keyboardist, playing alongside Dream Theater, Evergrey and Thomas Lang and recording their debut album “Message from Eternity.”

With the band he also released the EP “X-GATE Suite,” the live album “XLive Premiere” and the full length “EXOVERSE,” each of which see him as composer, producer, lyricist and artistic director for artworks, videos and live show on-screen animations.

In 2021 he got to release his first solo album “0RIGINS,” containing the best 6 tracks of each year going from 2013 to 2019, entirely re-recorded and professionally taken care of, mixed and mastered by Michele “Meek” Guaitoli, with artworks by Gustavo Sazes and animations by Tiziano Spigno.

Album Line-Up:
Mark Bravi – Keyboards, Digital Bass, Drums Programming
Matteo Pelli – Guitars

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