LAMB OF GOD’s MARK MORTON Says His 11-Year-Old Daughter ‘Feels Bad For People That Listen To MACHINE GUN KELLY’

Mark Morton Machine Gun Kelly

LAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton took to Twitter to share opinion on Machine Gun Kelly… Well, his daughter’s opinion, actually.

He wrote in a tweet: “My 11 year old daughter just told me that she feels bad for people that listen to Machine Gun Kelly.”

He then wrote in a separate tweet: “I mean…objectively…if MGK tweeted that his daughter said she felt sorry for people that listened to LAMB OF GOD, I’d think that s**t was funny too.

Legendary THE ROLLING STONES singer Mick Jagger recently praised Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly, saying that the two artists bring “life” to a new generation of rock music.

“In rock music you need energy, and there have not been a lot of new rock singers around,” he said during his recent appearance on Swedish radio station P4. “Now there are a few.

“You have Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly. That kind of post-punk vibe makes me think there is still a bit of life in rock and roll.”