MARTY FRIEDMAN: ‘I’d Rather Chew Glass Than Listen To JIMI HENDRIX’


In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman says he would “rather chew glass than listen to [JimiHendrix.” He adds, “I never got Hendrix. When I think of Hendrix, an image comes in my mind about a lot of hippies rolling around in mud tripping on acid and it just doesn’t turn me on at all. And all that noise and feedback and I’m like, ‘Play in tune.’ I’m a big tuning guy and that’s probably why I don’t like Dylan because things go out of tune and it kills me.”

He continued: “But then again, all of my favorite guitarists hail Hendrix: I’m a big Uli Jon Roth fan, and he’s the most beautiful guitarist. He probably loves Hendrix as much as Hendrix‘s own mother does. All the guys I respect love Hendrix, so I know there’s something there. It’s just that I never got it, because it never fit into my experiences.”

Marty added about the Ultimate Guitar article: “Good interview below: Of course their headline makes me look like an a–hole, but that’s how I talk to my friends, and that’s how I consider all of you out there, so enjoy.”

Friedman will embark on his first American tour in a decade beginning Sept. 9 in Baltimore. The trek is in support of last year’s Inferno album.