Märvel – Märvelous

The ones who always wondered how would be the son of Kiss and Grand Funk Railroad now have their wishes come true and the questions answered by Märvel “Märvelous,” the perfect son of these two bands.

“Märvelous” has its sonority firmly based on the aforementioned bands 1970s sonance. I dare to say that Kiss have a bigger influence, but the four tracks are equally divided in terms of influence; two for Kiss and two for Grand Funk Railroad. But, as I said, I saw Kiss in Grand Funk Raildroad tracks, but not the otherwise.  The album is opened up with first track “Amaze” which gives the first Kiss tone to it. Pay close attention to the guitar. See how The King – hum, what a proper and humble name -, vocalist and guitarist, emulate Ace Frehley’s way of playing. Even his very personal way of bending the notes is emulated, and from where I’m standing, this is the most characteristic Ace’s feature. “Amaze” and “Public School 75” are the pieces that dive deeply into Kiss’s 1970s ocean of beauties and high adrenalized hard rocking though nowadays many fans aren’t aware of Kiss’s music. Title track “Märvelous” and “A Taste of Playtinum” are the ones which represent Grand Funk Railroad though as I said before there are lots of Kiss in them as well.

Ok, then. Many will read this review and by the first paragraphs will think that I am badmouthing Märvel for giving their music such view to their influences. As a matter of fact, I am not. As many of you may have noticed by former reviews I like to describe a band’s sonance by referencing it to other known bands. To describe sound is particularly difficult, you must agree with me. Giving a reference no matter how accurate or unaccurate it is helps the reader to have an idea of what I’m talking about. Märvel have this unique trait of being inspired in two bands that though had their wonder years and are referenced to them aren’t in the hearts of the young. I can’t wait to receive their first full-length and see what they will achieve.

Märvel “Märvelous” will be released on January 24th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Amaze
  2. Märvelous
  3. Public School 75
  4. A Taste of Playtinum