MÁSCARA DE FERRO Longtime Warriors Release Two Restored Songs


Sometimes life isn’t fair. Even the coolest bands may have a short and unsung life. The hell with that!

Máscara de Ferro are one of the pioneers of what is called today epic medieval Metal. Born back then in the beginning of the 1980s, Máscara de Ferro played a big role in the incipient brazilian Heavy Metal scene with memorable shows all dressed-up with medieval costume and scenario. A HammerFall before HammerFall – if only Joacim Cans knew it.

Though headlining lots of shows countrywide, guest appearences on TV shows, articles on specialized magazines, and a two tracked part in the compilation “Metal Rock,” things weren’t exactly easy due to brazilian messy way of life. Hence the band split in the beginning of 1990 without leaving a full length record.

But that’s not it! The so awaited two restored songs are now available by the hands of Máscara’s mastermind Joe Lee Marcus. Yeah, life sometimes offers a second chance.


“Memórias na parede”:

“Pra bem longe daqui”:


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