Masters Of Disguise – Alpha / Omega

Is there anything more pleasant than to open a lazy sunday with a fast, furious, and warm guitar riff? Nah, I don’t think there isn’t. I told it once and I’l tell it twice: Metal is still evolving fast. Even the so-called traditional, or classical Metal is evolving reasonably. That’s what I can say from hearing bands like Masters Of Disguise.

“Alpha / Omega” is an album that make you remind what good guitar riffs are made of. I’ll add to what I said before precise, sharp, and, though, short. Twin guitars in Masters Of Disguise are really aware of what to do, and that is to “bring the house down.”

Masters Of Disguise are a band that can stand out from the crowd amongst billions of other bands. And how do they do that? Playing with all the fury, heart, and, of course, tons of musical competence. Masters Of Disguise are no amateurs. “Alpha / Omega” is an effort made by pros. There’s no doubt about that. Each of the eleven tracks of “Alpha / Omega” is carefully planned. They were meant to be killer songs. And they are indeed. “Black Witch,” for instance, shows everything a Metal ballad should have. A cool intro with the aggression in a crescendo leading to a cadenced main title. Not to mention the catchy chorus. To end in a cool finish with a fingered guitar cooling down the nerves, and then, while nobody expected, everything’s on fire again.  Yeah, Masters Of Disguise guys are really pros.

There are albums that catch you in the very first hearing. “Alpha / Omega” is one of them. Aggressive, powerful, and heavy but don’t think Masters Of Disguise have forgotten melody. No, not at all. “Alpha / Omega” has also its melodic side. A big hail to singer Alexx Stahl. He’s the guy who brings the melody into “Alpha / Omega” songs. Not to mention the catchy chorus the way we all love. “Alpha / Omega” was love at first sight.

Track Listing:

  1. The Rise (And Fall) Of Kingdoms
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Demons From The Past
  4. Shadows Of Death
  5. Killer’s Redemption
  6. Sign Of The Cross
  7. Alpha / Omega
  8. Witchhammer
  9. Knutson III: Nemesis (I Am The Law)
  10. The Leech
  11. Blackwitch [CD only Bonus Track]

Masters Of Disguise “Alpha / Omega” will be released on October 20th via Limb Music.

Watch the trailer to “Alpha / Omega” here:

P.S.: Guys, it’s a great thing the tribute you’ve been paying to the masters Savage Grace!