MASTODON Drummer Brann Dailor: ‘People Yelled At Me At Grocery Store ‘Cause Brent Said Judas Priest Is Not Metal’

Earlier this year, MASTODON guitarist Brent Hinds made headlines by saying that Judas Priest is not a metal band.

And now, drummer Brann Dailor revealed the repercussions of Brent‘s statement could be felt all the way to his local grocery store, saying on The Jasta Show (transcribed by UG):

“People got so mad. And they god mad at me. They got so triggered. Oh my God! I got yelled at the grocery store about it. I’m going to get groceries, dude. ‘OH, JUDAS PRIEST ISN’T METAL?!?!’ I’m like, ‘What?'”

Asked whether he agrees with Brent about Judas Priest not being metal, Brann replied:

“I [disagree with Brent], wholeheartedly. They are heavy metal. They embody heavy metal. [Rob Halford] is the metal God. I think they’re straight up heavy metal band.

“But, they were in the middle of inventing what was going to be heavy metal. And they all have a vast musical taste – every other musician I’ve ever met likes all sorts of music.

“It all ends up in there. A lot of it’s blues based. You know how heavy metal started with Black Sabbath and I think Black Sabbath and Judas Priest might be the bands that really made it into what it is. But you had everything that was right before it. You got Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, and all that stuff that was building up to that. So that sounds like classic rock right now, but a lot of people would say that’s early heavy metal.”

As reported, this is what Brent previously stated:

“I don’t really [like metal]. [I grew up listening to Judas Priest, but] Judas Priest is not metal, people, it’s rock ‘n’ motherf**kin’ roll! Who in their right mind that has a brain in their head thinks that Judas Priest sounds like a metal band?

“To me, that’s just hard rock ‘n’ roll. I’m not buying into that. I heard all Judas Priest songs, I went on tour with them, I know them all personally, they’re amazing people.

“They truly think they’re metal gods, like Rob Halford’s like, ‘I’m a metal god.’ That’s weird to say, but whatever. [Chuckles] Like, just don’t say it, it just makes you sound weird when you say it.”

Listen to the full The Jasta Show interview with Brann Dailor below: