MASTODON’s BRENT HINDS: ‘I’m Gonna Start My Own YouTube Channel And I’m Gonna Become Filthy Rich From It.’

Brent Hinds

Mastodon‘s Brent Hinds was talking to The Jasta Show when he said he was planning on starting a YouTube channel:

“I’m trying to start my own YouTube channel. And I’m gonna have… Okay, check it out, here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna start my own YouTube channel and I’m gonna become filthy rich from it.”

“I was down in Brazil for the month of November, just having a great time, sweatin’ it up to some samba beats. I was talking to my wife’s older brother, he was like, ‘Check out this guy.’

“He was showing me some guy, can’t remember his name, but he was some guy that… He was just some kid, he had a YouTube channel. And it just went crazy, and now he’s got like Lamborghinis and stuff. And all he did was have a YouTube channel.

“But see, I forget to film everything that’s happening. But I guess he didn’t. And I don’t know if he did it with his iPhone or whatever, but man, even when I do film some s**t happening that’s f**king super rad…

“Like, me and my wife walking up Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, and we’re talking, we made it to the top.

“And I got the phone out and stuff and I’m filming this beautiful… And while we’re talking, she almost steps on this gigantic boa constrictor. It is f**king huge, as big as my f**king leg.

“And this trail, the sun is beaming through and making like a hotspot. The snake is coiled up in the brown trail. Brown snake, can’t see it at all, curled up in this tiny splotch of the sun. They like to do that.

“So [my wife] Raisa almost steps on it. I’m talking really close, to the point where she turned around and f*cking, ‘Ah! What the f**k?!’ And then it took off.

“If I could have gotten that on the footage, I would already be viral on YouTube. Because it was that insane-o in the brain-o.”

He was asked about the theme:

“It’s gonna be like f**kin’, ‘Check that out, huh?’. You know what I’m saying? ‘Ever seen a s**t like that before, son? I bet you haven’t f**king almost gotten bit by a boa constrictor while walking through the woods.’ Just random s**t. And a lot of guitar playing.”