Mattergy – Primordial Wrath Review

To review Prog Metal albums is always a puzzle. In one hand, there is a lot of great musicianship, melodies and great tunes. On the other hand, sometimes it’s too melodious and the musicianship turns into impossible to understand what the band means. In other words, boring to death. The great defy is to find a balance between both. I agree that this kind of balance is very hard to get. Some bands get it, some bands don’t. Some bands are much more Prog than Metal and that is exactly what makes everything not right. We’ve got a band here that got it right. Mattergy with “Primordial Wrath” got to find the perfect balance between great musicianship with the power and the glory of Metal music. The album has the power of changing minds about Prog Metal.

“Primordial Wrath” is a true hodgepodge of influences. In one hand, the Prog Rock of the 1970s in the form of the keyboards sonancy and the vocals. On the other hand, the fuzz and power of Metal from the guitars. Between everything great musical solutions. “Lack of Water,” for instance, has more Metal feeling than Prog Rock with guitars that any Progressive Death metal would envy. Vocals give the Prog Rock approach. Both together bound and give the stapler of Mattergy which is the will to find balance with the unbalacing. The fate has following track “Delight” whose intro may deceive the fan. Its sweet acoustic guitar strumming gives the impression that it will be a ballad. But then everything changes and the song acquires a great taste of Metal music. Guitars again give the tone with some complex playing full of melodies.

The mix Mattergy do here is very interesting and somewhat hard to find. The band made it easy to me to review their album “Primordial Wrath” whose Metal tittle does justice to the music within. The perfect mix of Heavy Metal and Prog Rock with flying colors. Too bad it’s only an EP. By the way, band name Mattergy with album tittle “Primordial Wraith” gives the perfect idea of the mix the band does.

Mattergy “Primordial Wrath” was released on April 01st.

Track Listing:

  1. Wide Awake
  2. Turbulance Unknown
  3. Lack of Water
  4. Delight
  5. Friends with Benefits
  6. Lightborn
  7. Primordial Wrath

Watch “Primordial Wrath” official lyric video: