MATTERGY ‘Primordial Wraith’

The “Primordial Wrath” album consists of seven songs featuring melodic, progressive and mathematical stylistics of heavy music. The songs centre around the search for the essence of human existence and the process of development of the soul.

The band’s self-recorded and released album was created in collaboration with the young and talented Swedish sound engineer Fredrik Erlingsson.

Mattergy were formed by Aigars Aress Māls, who played previously with the band Enhet, and Ivars Kalniņš, who was involved in Bruit Monkey and The Mascaron. During the songwriting process, the duo were joined by Andris Buikis, a well-known drummer in the Latvian jazz scene, bassist Ilvars Vītoliņš, and Tobias Sarra, a British avant-garde/folk musician, who performs mainly as a solo artist.

The band’s name Mattergy relates to the phenomenon of synergy, whilst playing on the interconnectedness of ‘matter’ and ‘energy’. ‘We want to show the inseparability of matter and energy and the eternal interaction from one state to another’, says Aigars.

“‘Primordial Wrath’ is our debut, with which we want to give listeners an exciting and musically rich experience. Each song is a story with different dimensions, which gives the listener the opportunity to find the most resonant of them. The survival of different states of the soul permeates all compositions.”

Tobias Sarra: “’Primordial Wrath’ is a journey of introduction to Mattergy as a band, a coming together of heavy-hitting, melodically rooted riffs and spiritually inquisitive, socially aware cosmic explorations, in both lyric and sound. For me, the EP is a representation of the themes and timbres that Mattergy are exploring thus far. As a songwriter, writing over pre-composed melodic elements, with some pre- conceived ideas for each song about what the song might be about has been an interesting challenge. As such, my understanding of the songs is already working off of, into, and away from the original source material. In this way, the whole EP is a deconstruction of sorts – I’m deconstructing and reassembling Aigars’ original intentions through subtle wordplay and exploration. It also focuses in general on overarching themes of deconstructing the self, deconstructing social systems, breaking down hierarchies of power in favour of equality and balance. It speaks of the universe creating, destroying and recreating itself, and the subtle (and not so subtle) nuances of creation in motion. It speaks of the wildness of the human spirit, the untameable nature of creative expression, which isn’t lost, even within structure and order.”

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