MAX And Igor Cavalera To Perform Entire SEPULTURA’s ‘Roots’ Album For 20th Anniversary


Max and Igor Cavalera will perform entire SEPULTURA album, “Roots”, with their band CAVALERA CONSPIRACY on an American tour later this year to celebrate 20th anniversary of album release.

In a recent interview with PlanetMosh in Ireland, Max said (transcribed by “Actually, this is twenty years of the ‘Roots’ album, so [Igor and I] are planning to play the whole ‘Roots’ record. I think we’re doing it in the States. Hopefully we’ll come to Europe as well, playing the whole record. And then I’m gonna work with him to try to work on some new tunes for a new CAVALERA [CONSPIRACY album]. I think this time we’re gonna actually use a real producer; I don’t know who yet.”

He added: “I like all three CAVALERA albums. I think ‘Pandemonium’ [2014] was definitely the heaviest, but ‘Inflikted’ [2008] was actually my favorite; it was the first one we did. So I wanna continue that with Igor. I love my brother and I love playing with him.”

You can watch entire interview below.