MAX CAVALERA: New SOULFLY Album Has ‘That Classic ‘Chaos A.D.’ Feeling’ To It

In some of his recent interview, Max Cavalera said that the next SOULFLY album would be “a return to some of the tribal sounds” of the band’s early material, now he told Jack Antonio that record actually ended up taking a different route. He said: “There’s even a song about a Navajo murder that happened on a Navajo reservation — the police killed this young girl and I was really intrigued with the whole story and we made a song out of it.”

Regarding the musical direction of the new SOULFLY material, Max told Jack: “The record, to me, has a little bit of a ‘Chaos A.D.’ [SEPULTURA] kind of feeling to it — that kind of groove, but also [with elements of] thrash. I don’t know… It’s kind of hard to explain, but it has the sound of right now too, which is cool. It’s a contemporary record — it feels like it’s done right now. I’m really stoked on it. I think it does kind of have that classic ‘Chaos A.D.’ feeling to it, which is great; I think it’s really cool to have that kind of feeling on the record.”

Cavalera was quick to point out that the new SOULFLY album is “definitely different” from “Archangel” and “Psychosis”, the acclaimed fourth album from his CAVALERA CONSPIRACY project, which came out last fall.

“After doing records for so long, I know what I like, and I kind of feel what people want to hear, and that goes hand in hand,” he explained. “My own favorite stuff and what people want to hear are almost similar and that makes life easier.

“I don’t have pressure — the record label is not breathing down my neck to write pop songs and s**t like that; I don’t have that,” he continued. “I can go as metal as I want, I can go as heavy as I want. The only pressure is to make something good, something that people are gonna like.”