MAX CAVALERA On SLAYER’s Retirement: ‘They Already Freaked Me Out Too Much With That Kind Of Stuff’

Times goes for all of us, even our idols age. No wonder. But we’re allowed to freak out as Max Cavalera was when he heard about Slayer‘s retirement. Take a look on what he told Metal Wani:

“I never think about retirement or anything like that. Slayer already freaked me out too much with that kind of stuff. It’s a big freakout. I don’t understand.

“To me, if I retire tomorrow, what the hell am I gonna do? Sit around the house and do nothing? I would drive everybody crazy, including myself. I would go nuts – literally, I would go insane.

“So I don’t think of retirement, ever. I wanna be doing this until I’m done – until I die. And then the passing-the-torch thing is kind of cool, ’cause I feel that my kids will carry on for me after I’m done.

“Eventually, at some point, it will come to all of us – it’s inevitable. But whenever it comes, I know that I’ll be very well represented – my kids will carry on for me. And that’s kind of comforting for me as a person.

“And knowing that I left a mark, which is cool. It’s more than I could ever ask. For a guy that started this s* in Brazil 30 years ago, to leave this kind of mark on the world is quite amazing. So I’m very, very proud of it.”

Asked on what he hopes his legacy will look like one day, Cavalera replied:

“To me, hopefully, it [will be] somebody that wasn’t afraid to take risks, and wasn’t afraid to try new things. I never let whatever – people or ideas or opinions – get in the way of something that is in your head, or is in your heart.

“If I feel it is right, I will go ahead and do it. And I think that’s been always right, right from the start. It is how I even discovered the whole thing that you can mix tribal music with metal in the first place – it was by doing those kind of things.”

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