MAX CAVALERA On The First Time He Met LEMMY: ‘I Just Got Baptized By Lemmy! I’m Good! I’m Not Gonna Wash My Hair For A Month!’

The first is unforgetable for everyone. Picture yourself being a Motörhead fan kid and having the chance of your life to meet Lemmy Kilmister for the first time. That’s what happened to Max Cavalera according to Little Punk People.

Max said:

“I met him in ’89 on our first European tour – we were in some pub in England and he was playing the little machine-things that he does.

“And I was a little Brazilian kid at that time, touring for the first time. And I went to bug him like an idiot, you know? ‘Hey man! I’m from Brazil! I love Motörhead!’ and all that.

“He’s like, ‘Leave me alone, kid. I’m trying to play this machine here.’ And I went back to our table… I did some more shots… got more courage, came back and bugged him again.

“And then he just didn’t say anything. He just grabbed the whole whiskey he was drinking and poured it over my head. That was kind of his ‘leave me alone‘ sign, ya know?

“And I went back to the table and told all the other guys in the band: ‘I just got baptized by Lemmy! I’m good! I’m not gonna wash my hair for a month!’ And I probably didn’t.”

Asked on what his vision of hell was, Cavalera replied:

“Well, my idea of hell is kind of like… growing up in Brazil, there was a lot of police violence. Brazil is third-world so it’s very poor and there’s a lot of crime. And I remember being very scared of the cops when I was a kid.

“I was more scared of the cops than Satan. I used to say, ‘We’re more scared of the police than we are of the devil.’ So I think that’s my idea of hell, is like that. Police oppression. It’s horrible, man. Some of that stuff that happens.”