Max Cavalera Marc Rizzo

SOULFLY frontman Max Cavalera has said that guitarist Marc Rizzo was fired from the band “due to personal reasons.”

Max addressed Rizzo‘s departure the latest episode of “Max Trax”, a twice-weekly Internet video series in which he discusses the inspiration for many of the songs spanning his nearly 40-year music career.

He said: “Right now, for the tribe, I wanna address something that is going on with SOULFLY. Of course, it’s about Marc Rizzo. He did not leave the band. We decided to part ways with him due to personal reasons. I wish Marc the best on his career. I wanna thank Marc for the 18 years with SOULFLY.”

Rizzo also addressed his absence from the SOULFLY trek while chatting with fans on Facebook Live on August 5. He said: “I’m just going full forward with my solo project. It’s just better for me. It’s more of a healthier environment for me and my family. And being home more, and do my solo project, which I’m super stoked about. I’ve also got [my new band] HAIL THE HORNS.

“We’re releasing the video that we did for a KISS cover today. I’ve got REVENGE BEAST. I’ve got ACOUSTIC VENDETTA. Things are good. And I’m doing a lot of good sh*t. I’m going full forward with my solo project. That’s really where my heart is at, where I get my writing credit, where I get credit for my work and all my hard work gets proper credit. It’s a healthier environment.”

SOULFLY has announced that FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares will be replacing Rizzo for SOULFLY‘s upcoming U.S. tour, which kicks off on August 20 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dates and tickets for that tour are available here.

Rizzo has now launched HAIL THE HORNS, a new project alongside bassist Tony Campos (STATIC-XFEAR FACTORYSOULFLY) and drummer Christian “Opus” Lawrence (DEAD BY WEDNESDAYELLEFSON). The trio has recorded a cover of the KISS classic “God Of Thunder”, with Campos handling lead vocals. The track was recorded by Joey Concepcion and Nicky Bellmore (Dexters Lab Studio) and mixed by Matthew Nevitt (Inkei Studios). A lyric video for the track is available below.