MAX CAVALERA Wanted To Burn His Brazilian Soccer Shirt After Loss To Germany


Ex-SEPULTURA and current CAVALERA CONSPIRACY members, Max and Igor Cavalera recently spoke with The Age Of Metal. Couple excerpts follows:

Asked what it was like watching the Brazilian soccer team’s game against Germany in the World Cup semi-final last year where they lost 7-1, Igor said: “I think Max had tougher than me. I went to a friend of mine, who is Brazilian… I was in Europe at the time. But I went to his house to watch the game, so it was just me and him suffering. And Max, I think, had a tougher time watching that terrible game.”

He continued: “I got really mad after the game. I wanted to burn my [Brazil soccer] shirt. But it didn’t burn. That’s weird, right?! Maybe it was giving me a sign that, it won’t burn. Give them another chance. Russia is coming. This is the revenge. And if I was the Brazilian coach, I would make them watch that game every game before they play in the Russian World Cup . Watch that as a reminder of never ever let that happen again.”

Watch entire interview below: