Meanwhile In The U.K. – £1.57 Billion Relief Package For Arts, Offering Grants To Music Venues

The U.K. governament announced a relief package of £1.57 Billion (US$ 1.96) for Arts, Offering Grants To Music Venues as did Germany government, who allocated  a €150 million grant of a  €1 billon relief fund to music venues.

This loadful of money combines grants and loans available to any company in the arts and entertainment industries affected by the shutdown. Including music venues, galleries, indie cinemas, theaters and museums. And beter yet, most of the payments will be grants that do not need to be paid back.

On the other hand, the Labor Party says that the move is a little late as some venues needed the money before not to succumb to the weakening of the economy due to the coronavirus pandemy.

Other countries as the U.S. of A. are waiting for something similar.