Meden Agan – Catharsis

It is amazing how Metal bands have evolved technically and musically in those last twenty years. When it comes to symphonic metal bands the thing gets more intrincated and complex. But – there is always one – symphonic metal bands have a strict formula. It is bigger than the will of the bands. Bands to stand out of the crowd have to be even more creative. It is a dash of more strength here, a dash of more aggression there, some raw moments, some gritty in some moments, and voilà it is ready.

Meden Agan in “Catharsis” chose to be closer to european power metal. I say european power metal because the american one is pretty different. That is, less symphonic moments in songs, less orchestral parts in order to get more aggressive. Keyboarding is less prohemenent than the guitars. Orchestral parts are to highlight not to lead. And, my man, what a guitar player! Mr. Diman Koutsogiannopoulos really knows how to shread. A monster with the six-stringed instrument. Drumming avoids all that typical double bassing. Mr. Panos Paplomatas prefers to be more simple and effective.  Singer Dimitra Panariti has both capabilities: of being harsh when it is needed, and being a soprano when it is the time. Very few are able of that. How about the bass? Well, Mr. Aris Nikoleris not only double vocals with Dimitra, but also doubles shreadings with the guitar. Good enough for you?

Meden Agan in “Catharsis” are a band that are looking for their own way in today’s metal music world. Though Meden Agan are an eperiencied band, their self style is still evolving. That’s healthy. “Catharsis” is an strengthful effort. It is notable the option Meden Agan made to be more close to power metal than to symphonic. All tracks are strong, but the most is “Lustful Desires,” maybe because of the song theme, very powerful this thing called lust. It is remarkable that the keyboarding works as incorpored instrument, as the masters Deep Purple, and many others did.

Track Listing:

  1. Catharsis (Intro)
  2. The Purge
  3. Cleanse Their Sins
  4. No Escape
  5. Whispers In The Dark
  6. Shrine Of Wisdom
  7. Veil Of Faith
  8. Salvation
  9. A Curse Unfolding
  10. Lustful Desires
  11. Weaver Of Destiny

Meden Agan’s “Catharsis” will happen on  January 05th via No Remorse Records.

Watch “Cleanse Their Sins” official lyric video here: