Medjay – Sandstörm Review

There is nothing like one day after the other. Yesterday I got this Medjay “Sandstörm” to give it a try and I really liked it, but I had no idea of how many details the album had. First thing I thought is that the press released I got wasn’t really accurate about the genre of the band. I don’t agree it is Power Metal, though, of course, there are elements of it throughout the album. However, due to the grip Medjay give to it I guess Heavy Metal fits better. I know this discussion isn’t really important, but “Sandstörm” isn’t fast enough to be Power Metal and that’s a fair request to label a band as it. Okay, whatever…

Medjay add to their music ancient Egyptian culture and mythology – a passion of bassist Samuka – which by itself makes the album very interesting. Of course, there are other albums and bands that covered the subject, but it’s always a pleasure to see that historical contents are of the interest of Metal bands. Intro “Egyptian Beast” is an instrumental blast that goes over an ancient Egyptian vibe with some elements of arab musical culture. Cool energy vibrations that fit perfectly into what the band intends to and a also a perfect bridge to the cadenced and plain title track “Medjay” and it’s 1990’s Metal thing. I like a lot the clear and plain guitar riffs that the band puts together. There is also a certain Bruce Dickinson way of imposing the voice by vocalist Phil Lima. “Death in the House of Horus” is a great example of it. From where I’m stand it highlights the songs. The mix the band makes with ancient instruments with the cadenced guitar riffs is really good. It feels so good to listen to tracks as “Revenge of Horus” and the way it’s played. The perfect combination of highs and lows. In the end of the, Medjay show a kind and tender facete with a female operatic vocals that enlightens the song a lot giving it the sugar it needs. The album cloese with “Lady of the Nile” that also shows this kind side of the band. If you ask me, it’s a side that reminds a little Angra for the best and for the worst. In this case for the best.

Medjay “Sandstörm” was realesed on November 21st via Voice Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Egyptian Beast
  2. Medjay
  3. Death in the House of Horus
  4. Revenge of Horus
  5. Rise for Glory
  6. Sandstörm
  7. Lady of the Nile
  8. Violate (Iced Earth Authorized Tribute – Bonus Track)

Watch “Sandstörm” official videoclip here: