Mega Colossus – Riptime Review

I hate it when I start to write a review mentally and when I actually open the archieve I don’t remember a thing I was thinking. I was metally writing one of my best reviews and now I forgot everything – hahahahahahahahaha. Facts of life. At least, it gave an idea of how to start.

Ok, first things first. And the first thing one sees in an album is the cover. Well, in fact, nowadays not exactly. But since I’m an old guy and lived the golden ages of Metal albums the first thing I look is the cover. In this very especific case, the cover is enigmatic. In many aspects, Mega Colossus look loke a Death Metal band. This cover is just one of them. “Riptime’s” cover is some kind of science fiction with comics. Not a unusual combination for Metal bands, I have to say. There are other resemblances with modern Death Metal bands. “Riptime” is very technical and complex. Take a look at “Razor City” the first, and most striking, track of the album. Feel the power and insane rhythm with almost a Thrash grip. A great track that works fine as an invitation card to the album, but I don’t know why, the album changes a lot from there. Of course, I don’t mean it gets worse. No, not a bit. In fact, it gets better. Just saying. Following track “Midnight Zone” changes completely the mood. It gets more Speed Metal with lots of emotional guitars phrases. The album is getting little by little more technical. The song is very emotional with the right dose of technicity. Great solos, by the way. A song to hear and hear over again. There is something of Iron Maiden in it especially in the guitar phrases. “Vigilo Confido” gets even more technical and explores pretty damn well the extreme ability of the band of creating guitar riffs and phrases. With lots of Speed Metal the track gets even more emotional leading the way to one more change in the mood of the album.

From “Tinker Tanner” the album gets even more technical adding different textures to the songs. The guitars got ore intrincate with difficult to play solutions. Distancing from Iron Maiden, “Riptime” gets near Megadeth not in speed but in technical intent. It’s such a pity that I missed the time for the nominations of this year. Sure shot this album would be. Maybe next time.

Mega Colossus “Riptime” was released on December 17th via Rafchild Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Razor City
  2. Midnight Zone
  3. Vigilo Confido
  4. Tinker Tanner
  5. Run To The Fight
  6. Boiling Seas
  7. Iron Rain

Watch “Razor City” official video here: