MEGADETH Announce First-Ever ‘Megacruise’


MEGADETH has announced plans to stage the first-ever Megacruise in 2019. No further details have been revealed except that it will launch in the Pacific Ocean next year.

You can join the Megacruise mailing list and be the first to know about artist additions, events and more.

In a recent interview with Guitar WorldMEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine have shared a few updates regarding the band’s new material.

He said: “We have been [working on new material] for a few weeks now. All the band members are at home writing stuff and putting it in the same spot, keeping all the riffs centralized in one place. And anybody can access anybody’s stuff. And then once we’re done I’ll start assembling everything.”

When asked if we will see new MEGADETH music in 2019, he answered: “Absolutely. For sure. A whole new record, I would say the chances are probably 95%. And at least one new song, I’d say it’s 100%. No question.”