MEGADETH Is Auditioning One Of DAVE MUSTAINE’s Final Picks For New Guitarist Today


MEGADETH will begin recording their new album on March 17th in Nashville, but appears that the band has not finalized the replacements for drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, who quit the band last year.

Earlier today, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine tweeted that he’s auditioning for on of his final picks for the band’s new guitarist.

The guitarist/vocalist and his family moved to Tennessee in October after living in Fallbrook, California for many years.

Asked if there is any news regarding who will become MEGADETH‘s new drummer and lead guitarist, the band’s bassist, David Ellefson, said in a recent interview with Full Throttle Rock: “There are some developments with it, and I think I’ve come to realize… We’ve certainly spent the last several months, [since] late November, sorting things out. I think, what I’ve come to is that we need to make a great record, ’cause that should always be… The songs have always determined who’s going to be in the band, from day one. And nothing should change with that. To go back and chase some glory day is like chasing fool’s gold. I think that the songs, and the album, are going to determine what the lineup is and I think that’s the proper order of putting the horse in front of the cart.”

Broderick joined MEGADETH in late 2007 as the replacement for Glen Drover, who left the group in order to focus on family life.

Shawn joined MEGADETH in 2004 as the replacement for Menza, who had only just rejoined the group. Drover performed on four MEGADETH studio records: 2007’s “United Abominations”, 2009’s “Endgame”, 2011’s “TH1RT3EN” and 2013’s “Super Collider”.