MEGADETH’S DAVE MUSTAINE Tells His 6 Scorpions Best Songs

Scorpions are the kind of an orthodox band – everybody likes it. As all poor mortals, in an interview with Metal Hammer, Dave Mustaine admitted Scorpions are one of the his best bands. He told about the six songs he likes the best. Take a look on his comments:

“I could talk about the Scorpions all day long I love that band. They really made it possible for Megadeth to be the band that we are today, to really stretch our wings and reach that musical melodic fortune that was waiting for us.”

The Sails of Charon

“When I think of the Scorpions, the very first song that always comes to mind is the one that paved the way for me with lead guitar playing, and just the incredible shred factor done with a classical violinist approach on electric guitar by Uli Jon Roth.”

The Zoo

“For me, this song was permission to be a metal guy and to have songs with melody. ‘The Zoo’ doesn’t have a giant riff, but it’s got a really hooky melody.”

Another Piece of Meat

“Without a doubt, ‘Another Piece of Meat‘ is my favorite song he [Michael Schenker] did with the band.”

Steamrock Fever

“This song is just full-on plodding metal. And believe it or not, I had jumped on a drum set and learned how to play it on drums.”

He’s a Woman, She’s a Man

“It’s bizarre, when you think about it, how much sexuality there was in the Scorpions’ lyrics.”


“You’ve got that cool galloping riff, and behind it a second guitar doing counterpoint, which shows you how beautiful a guitar duo can be.”