Meltdown – Deadringer

This process of writing is very interesting and I like to share it to you because I think it is relevant to the fan to know things are done. I’m reviewing Meltdown “Deadringer” now because it is the due date to their release and as a sign of respect I chose them. Yeah, I have my processess… Ok then, band chosen, playlist done, computer okay, so it is only write, is that okay? Nah, not even close. I wrote two other reviews yesterday and I started to listen to “Deadringer,” but nothing came up to my mind. I listened to it one more time and nothing again. One thing I learned from all the reviews I wrote in three years is that I there is no forcing in it, you have to let it go to let it go, got it? So, I put it to rest to the next day which is coincidentally today – dah! And words came easyly as they have to.

Right, I’ve reviewed lots of modern Metal bands here, but for sure Meltdown are the most fierceful, the most incisive, the one which shows the punch, the grip, the wrath Metal has to. As many of their peers, Meltdown do a merge with Metal music references. To be frank, not only their peers do that but also it’s been done since forever by Metal bands. Then, Meltdown has a foot in Extreme Metal and the other foot is on modern Metal. But those forces don’t act equally and balanced in “Deadringer.” From where I’m standing, there are only two references from modern Metal which are vocal duets and the total abscence of guitar solos. Instrumentals only would tell a different story because the main drive of them are very near Melodic Death Metal with all the features, blast beats included. That is what makes “Deadringer” a very interesting album if the fan listens to it without knowing its labeling – my point is that labelling do more harm than good sometimes.

“Deadringer” begins with “Walls Down” with has blood in its eyes, if you know what I mean. Fan will notice modern Metal features by the middle of it with the vocal duet which in my opinion serves very well to the song. By the way, vocal duets – harsh and extreme interwoven with clean ones – are the motto to “Deadringer.” However, they are not enough to disguise it to modern Metal. In fact, they give “Deadringer” a stronger punch as seen in “Senses Overload.”

Oh, I wish all modern Metal bands were just like Meltdown. The Metal world would be such a better place.

Meltdown “Deadringer” was released on October 25th via Rambo Music/Fifth Island Music AB/Sony Entertainment AB.

Track Listing:

  1. Walls Down
  2. Who I am
  3. Deadringer
  4. Bleeding
  5. World Unseen
  6. Conspire
  7. Safe Heaven
  8. Senses Overload

Watch “Deadringer” official lyric video here: