Members Of DISTURBED, STRYPER And FOZZY Defend VINCE NEIL’s Teleprompter Reliance: ‘Leave The Guy Alone’

Vince Neil Teleprompter

DISTURBED‘s David DraimanSTRYPER‘s Michael SweetSHINEDOWN‘s Zach Myers and FOZZY‘s Chris Jericho are among the musicians who have defended Vince Neil after several video clips of MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s July 5 concert in St. Louis, Missouri emerged where Neil is seen apparently relying on teleprompter to get him through each show.

Draiman took to his Twitter, responding to Blabbermouth’s original story, to write: “All you parasitic vultures pretending to be journalists who broke the ‘big story’ that Vince Neil/ @MotleyCrue uses a teleprompter onstage should really find a new line of work.

“SO F*CKING WHAT? Most artists with extensive catalogs do.

“Leave the guy alone FFS.”

Sweet also took to Instagram, writing: “I hate to break it to you since this is ‘BIG’ news but many artists our age (or close to it) use teleprompters of some sort. Or lyric sheets, or other means. I used a teleprompter back in 2008 when I was with BOSTON! I use an IPad now for certain lyrics. When you’ve got a huge catalog that dates back to the early eighties (and you’re getting a little older),it’s pretty much impossible to remember the lyrics to every song.

“Why is this news? Give the guy a break. Would you rather he forgets the lyrics so you can beat him up for that?

“I have to say this – it’s the best I’ve seen @thevinceneil do (performance wise) in a long while. He’s obviously been working hard and it shows IMO. Regarding teleprompters – who really cares?

“Come on now!”

SEVENDUST guitarist Clint Lowery commented on Sweet‘s post, writing: “Dude has a catalogue of material to remember. Good for him for making sure he has a fail safe to glance at from time to time. God forbid he misses a lyric he’ll get torn apart. Any band that has more than 3 records should use one. We would but we can’t afford to have it on deck haha”.

Chris Jericho also chimed in, writing: “We used a teleprompter for Panama haha! @jericho_cruise”.

Jericho‘s FOZZY bandmate, guitarist Rich Ward, commended Michael for his post, writing: “Bravo, Sir.”