MERCURY CIRCLE Launch ‘You Open Up The Earth’ Video Feat. CHILDREN OF BODOM And SWALLOW THE SUN Members

Mercury Circle
Photo credit: Laureline Tilkin

In support of their upcoming album, due to release in the Fall of 2021 on Noble Demon, Finland’s “New Doom” – collective MERCURY CIRCLE has unleashed a brand new video for the track “You Open Up The Earth“!

Labeled as “a band you need to watch out for in 2021″, by Metal Hammer UK, and featuring members of SWALLOW THE SUN and CHILDREN OF BODOMMERCURY CIRCLE is creating a diverse offering of atmospheric and dark music where the songs differ wildly in expression and sonic aesthetics.

Following their latest, critically acclaimed EP The Dawn Of VitriolMERCURY CIRCLE is about to get ready for the release of their highly anticipated debut studio album, due out in September via powerhouse label Noble Demon. To shorten your wait for MERCURY CIRCLE‘s first full- length, the band has released a first and enthralling album single, one that will most likely leave you with a hunger for more! Watch the epic, new music video for “You Open Up The Earth

This song is a reflection of how things take seat in our lives uninvitedly and change our fate forever“, the band explains, “Especially during these times of incredible adversity we hope to give a voice to the feelings those situations elicit while they oftentimes leave us speechless.”

With a versatile arrangement of sounds, and a message that couldn’t have been more fitting in these days, it almost seems as if it’s no surprise that this track has become the first harbinger to the album, as founder and mastermind Jaani Peuhu reveals:

At a pretty early stage in the writing process I started feeling that You Open Up The Earth had to be the opening single of the album. Not only made the message of the song sense considering the state the world has been in for more than a year now, but it also seemed like a good introduction to the record: Combining heavy, dark and melodic elements with a little piece of our unearthly atmosphere and a big chorus. We had more than 20 songs to choose from for the album and most of the tracks were about to be dropped from the record at some point, but this one felt like an important piece of our debut the whole time since I wrote it.”

He continues: “There was a funny situation during the recordings of You Open Up The Earth when I was working on the string arrangements and realized that we need violins to compliment Teemu Mastovaara’s super cool cellos. I mentioned it in our band chat and then our guitar player Jussi casually answered that he could play them… Although he hadn’t played in years he recorded the most beautiful violin tracks for this special song. My bandmates keep on surprising me with their talent! We have this mentality that everybody can do everything and there are no bad ideas. We try out every idea and even if it doesn’t work it might lead us to something that actually does and sounds amazing. We don’t want to play safe. Been there, done that. Never again. Not with this band.