MESHUGGAH Guitarist On New TOOL Album: ‘It’s The Best I’ve Heard Of Them’


Meshuggah guitarist Marten Hagstrom told Rock Sverige that he actually heard some of the new TOOL material, and says it’s the best he heard of them.

He tells  Rock Sverige (via Google Translate): “Yes, and we’re in touch with them quite often.

“I don’t know what’s up with their record, but that’s typical Tool… they’re the best band and they are the only band that is slower than we are.

” I know that [drummer] Tomas [Haake] was talking to Danny Carey when he was over in the States and then it was apparently like, ‘Well, it will probably take a while.’

“Last year me and Tomas visited Danny in his house, he became a father not too long ago, and he played the demo material from the upcoming album.

“It was the demos, but it’s the best I’ve heard of Tool. Then we were of course like, ‘Shit, then it will probably be out next year!’

“But now it does not seem so long. We will talk to them in a few weeks when we play with them and Slayer in Sacramento, so then I can pump them a little. [Laughs]