Messiah – Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe

I was sure I’ve heard the name Messiah before somewhere. Do you know when something keeps bugging and pounding in your ears? Yeah, it was the name Messiah. Of course, I might have been wrong because there are plenty of bands with the same names. And Messiah, between you and me, is a popular name for a Heavy Metal band of any kind. For the record, the band is from 1984 having recorded two albums in the 1980s and three more in the 1990s to then split up. The came back few years ago.

Okay, then. “Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe” is an EP with only three songs and they are indeed very different from each other in all features possible. Aside from Andy Kaina’s voice, the fan might think there are three different bands in this EP. As a matter of fact, they are from different albums from the band. Opening and tittle track “Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe” sounds big and thick with a very sharp and 1980s groovy riffing. By the way, the main riff of the song is just fantastic. The kind of riff that keeps in your mind and doesn’t let it go with the dark taste of the early Extreme Metal efforts. Andy Kaina’s voice adds a lot as well. It fits like a glove into the song and the acid and corrosive spirit of the band. Its very interesting pace makes the fan bangs at large nonstop. Following track “Space Invaders” has the footprint of Dark Glam Metal bands as W.A.S.P. and others – that I always keep forgetting their names. By the way, the fan might not have notice, but Twisted Sisters – a band that you shoud give a chance, my child of the night – have a couple of songs that sound like that as “Destroyer” and “Horror-Teria (The Beginning).” It is very near Doom, but it’s not really Doom. The song gets faster in the end in an unexpected plot. The last, but not least track “Extreme Cold Weather” does sound more Doom at first. But the atmospheric changes it takes approuch it to the Atmospheric Black Metal scene which I think sounds more appropriate.

I have to say that in general I’m not so fond of EPs, but this “Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe” made a great impression. As I always say old dudes know how to metal!

“Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe” will be released on August 07th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe
  2. Space Invaders
  3. Extreme Cold Weather