Messiah Force – The Last Day

It is funny how sometimes it is so incredibly hard to write a review as this Messiah Force “The Last Day” was. Please, do not ask me why. I will not be able to answer it. The fact is sometimes you do not get the band at first. There is something in the album that you dislike at the moment. And then, as a magical touch, you listen to it again, and voilà, you are able to write the review. To be honest, at first, I thought Messiah Force were a present day band, but then I noticed it was the 1987 real deal. That explains much of their sound. So sorry, guys!

Well, this Messiah Force “The Last Day” is a two cd album containing their 1987 LP “The Last Day,” and 10 addicional tracks from Messiah Forcedemo from 1987, and 3 taken from the “No Hideaway” demo from 1991. So thiking backwards, “The Last Day” is a great album. Fast, ferocious, with unarguably showing many teeth to you. All of them embellished by a pretty and consistent female voice. Unfortunatelly, vocalist Lynn Renaud had to be replaced due to health issues, and two tracks were recorded by Denis Dufour. We can easily compare her to the best female singers of that time. Her tone of voice is fairly near the metal goddess Doro Pesch, and gives to Messiah Force a unique sound. To be fair enough, Acid’s Kate is more near comparison.

Messiah Force “The Last Day” offers a mad speed metal as their europeans peers as Acid and Doro’s Warlock, thanks to the female singing. It is a great pitty that Messiah Force did not accomplish the same status as their canadian peers. But, what belongs to the past, stays in the past. What we can do now is to hail again producer Bart Gabriel and No Remorse Records for such an interprise.

Track Listing:

CD 1

  1. The Sequel
  2. Call From The Night
  3. Watch Out
  4. White Night
  5. Spirit Killer
  6. Silent Tyrant
  7. Hero’s Saga
  8. The Last Day
  9. The Third One

CD 2

  1. Silent Tyrant
  2. Hero’s Saga
  3. White Night
  4. Watch Out
  5. The Forgotten Emperor
  6. Spirit Killer
  7. The Third One
  8. No Hideaway
  9. Get Away
  10. Lesson For A Liar.

Messiah Force “The Last Day” was released on June 16th via No Remorse Records.

Watch “White Night” official video here: